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Window Cleaning Solutions


Dreading washing your windows this spring? Tired of dirty glass? Let our 21 years of experience in cleaning solutions get your windows sparkly clean. We have the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to efficiently and effectively wash your windows. When you choose Quality Window Cleaning, you get a job done right the first time. Our window washers don’t cut corners and ensure that the whole job is done every time. This includes washing your windows inside and out, as well as washing any storm windows. Screen washing is also included in our window washing service. The window washers have be with us for over 15 plus years and are ready to wash any type of window, including:

 Picture windows

 Double hung windows

 Bay windows

 Storm windows

 Skylights

 French windows

 Display windows

Water Fed Pole System (New technology)

WaterFed poles are the tools through which the newly purified water is able to clean the windows. They allow us to reach high windows from a safe place on the ground. The inner tubing carries pure water from your pure water system to the brush. Our system cleans frames, rubber gaskets, is environmentally safe, and gives you spot free clean windows.


Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves that create millions of microscopic bubbles that implode upon contact with water. All those implosions create tiny vibrations which power the blind clean safely, effectively and quickly. When combined with warm water and a cleaning solvent solution, sonic cleaning easily removes dust, dirt, grime, nicotine, bacteria – you name it! Virtually any type of window treatment can be cleaned with this method: mini-blinds, micro mini-blinds, silhouettes, luminettes, verticals, honeycombs and Roman shades just to name a few. Now we call that cleaning solutions!

Pressure Washing

We can pressure wash any surface. We have cold and hot water cleaning solutions for:

 Vinyl Siding

 Soffits and Gutters

 Wood siding

 Composite siding

 Decks

 Concrete


Chandelier Cleaning

On top of our window washing services, Quality Window Cleaning also cleans glass inside your home. If your chandeliers, mirrors, lamps, or ceiling fans are starting to look a little dingy, we can get them sparkling again in no time. Don’t forget, we also clean exterior lamps. We even offer lightbulb changing for hard to reach lights! Some of our clients we clean chandeliers for include:

 Western Crown Center Ballroom

 Halls at Crown Center

 Hyatt Corporation

 KU University Heart hospital mobile art work


Hard Water Spots

Got spots on your glass that just won’t come off with regular cleaning? We have the product’s that can remove those spots for you. Even those spots on shower glass!


Construction Clean Up

We can come in after construction work is done in your home or business and bring it back to looking sparkly clean.


Water Proofing/Caulking

We have the latest commercial products that will seal your decks, concrete, brick, pre-cast, and stone.

If you have some water leaks or caulking getting a little cracked and dried up? We can remove and replace caulking wherever you need it done.